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Couple psychotherapy

Coulpe’s therapy is a kind of psychological help directed to people stayed in relationships.
Some couples seeing the psychoterapist are in crisis, last in a prolonging conflict, others feel that there used to be something between them that has been lost and they would like to get it back.
Therapy might be a turning point, giving the possibility to understand better yourself, a partner and the relationship. In a consequence psychoterapeutical sessions help to understand the core of a problem, to make decisions and to introduce changes.

During the psychological sessions couples have the possibility to meet eachother, express one’s feelings and needs and hear and understand the feelings and needs of the partner.

The goal of couple’s therapy is:

  • to understand the nature and roots of a conflict,
  • to help in a better mutual understanding,
  • to improve the comunications,
  • to incourage the individual development

Katarzyna Brażyńska-Tatarowicz

Psychologist, psychotherapist working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. "I graduated Clinical Psychology from Wyższa Szkoła Psychologii Klinicznej and Law from University of Łódź. I have completed a 4-year psychotherapy training and 2-year couples and families therapy training at the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji, both recommended by the Polish Psychological Association. I have experience working with adults, young adults and teenagers." At ReGeneRacja Center: I work with adolescents and adults. I conduct individual, couples, and family therapy. I also run psychoeducational meetings for parents. I work in both Polish and English. Personal info: I am married and have two children.

Piotr Romanowski

Piotr Romanowski, psychologist, psychotherapist Qualifications and professional experience I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I graduated from the 4-year Family Therapy Study organized by the OPTA Association in Warsaw and the BAZA Trainers School in Krakow. For many years I have been providing psychotherapeutic support to young people and families in cooperation with public institutions, including Mental Health Clinics, Emergency Child Care, and Social Welfare Center. I submit my work to regular supervision by certified supervisors of the Polish Psychological Association. At the ReGeneRacja I work with couples and families.