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Consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist

Consultation with a psychiatrist involves a meeting with a child or teenager and their parents to assess the child’s or teenager’s health and the background of their emotional problems. If before the psychiatric consultation, a psychological consultation has already taken place in our center, then the consultant together with the psychiatrist decides who should appear at the first psychiatric meeting.

Consultations end with one or more of the following:

  • making a clinical diagnosis or information about the lack of such diagnosis,
  • planning further interventions, e.g. referring a teenager, a parent or the whole family to psychotherapy,
  • sometimes a decision to begin pharmacological treatment.

The first two meetings each last for 50 minutes. If the doctor recommends pharmacological treatment, follow-up visits last 25 minutes.


lek. med. Anna Nowicka

M.D. "I am a psychiatrist, specialising in children and adolescents. I finished a 4-year psychotherapy school at the INTRA Center. The first specialization took place at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology and at the Bielański Hospital in the Psychiatric Ward. Since 2012, I have been an employee of the Mazowieckie Neuropsychiatry Center. Currently, I run the Outpatient Psychiatric Department for Children and Adolescents in Józefów." At ReGeneRacja Center: I diagnose and treat children and adolescents who deal with emotional problems.