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About us

ReGeneRacja Center – Psychotherapy, psychological and psychiatric help for children, adolescents and their parents.

  • Worried about your child?
  • You lose touch with your teen?
  • Your child does not want to stay in the nursery / school?
  • Do not know how to help your adolescent?
  • Planning or going through a separation/divorce?
  • Adulthood scares you?
  • Your child seems isolated from others? Your family is having difficult times?

If You need a consultation, call our office, You will be offered an assistance in arranging a consultation meeting with one of our professionals.

We work individually, with groups, families and couples.

ReGeneRacja Center was created for those who often can’t ask for help themselves – children and adolescents.

We want to offer them and you – their parents, what we are good at and what we know best: professional help in understanding your troubles, while at the same time, estimating which can be solved through small changes in family habits, and which require specialist help.
Based on the evaluation made during the initial consultation, we could suggest: advice, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family psychotherapy or a psychiatric diagnosis. What kind of help will be best for you will depend on your needs.

Specialists working at the ReGeneRacja Center are thoroughly trained psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and pedagogues. We all have many years of experience gained in specialized educational and clinical facilities. Our psychotherapists are either certified with European Certificates of Psychotherapy, by the Polish Psychological Association or are completing training courses preparing for their certification. Most of us cooperate with the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji. We work based on the psychodynamic, relational, and systemic approaches.

The principle of our work is individual and, at the same time, a holistic perception of people’s problems. We strictly adhere to a policy of professional confidentiality. We work in harmony with the Polish Psychological Association standards. Our work is subject to regular supervision conducted by certified supervisors.
Together, we create a professional and well-coordinated team. Welcome!

The first meeting in Osrodek Regeneracja:

Consultation with a child psychotherapist Consultation with a adolescent psychotherapistConsultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist

After consultation, we may find that help or support needs:

Child psychotherapy Adolescent 
Adult psychotherapy Couple psychotherapy Family psychotherapy

ReGeneRacja Center

Address:Tucholska 37 street (300 m from Wilson’s square) 01-618 Warsaw

Contacting Regeneracja Center:
Phone number: 22 280 9200
Email:  biuro@osrodekregeneracja.pl- general information
 ochrona.danych.regn@gmail.com- personal data protection information       

Office opening hours:

Monday – Friday
11.00 AM – 07.00 PM

Bank account details:

Ośrodek Regeneracja Sp. z o.o.
account number: 45 1140 2017 0000 4802 1298 3481