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Individual psychotherapy for adolescents

Individual psychotherapy for adolescents is a series of sessions with a psychotherapist that will allow young persons to develop a better understanding about the main source of their problems. We recommend individual psychotherapy for people struggling with despondency, depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, difficulties in establishing relationships with other people, and for those struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one.
The reasons for coming to our Center may also be a recent crisis, a feeling that one’s life lacks meaning, a feeling of emptiness in relationships with others, experiencing physical or psychological abuse, or engaging in risky behaviors.
The motivation to seek psychological help may also be in an effort to get to know yourself better in order to find more fulfilment in your life. The safe environment presented during the therapeutic process will make it easier for a young person to learn more about themselves, and as a result, allow for greater personal development, to implement changes related to problematic areas, and above all to enjoy a more satisfying life.

Sessions take place once a week at fixed times. Each session lasts 50 mins. The length of therapy depends on a patient’s problems and needs.
Psychotherapy is preceded by a consultation (one to three meetings). For minors, consultation is held together with the parents or guardians of the young person. If you are 18 years or older you can undertake therapy on your own. During the consultation, the therapist will try to understand a patient’s problems and together with the patient set up therapeutic goals, the length of the psychotherapy, and method of payment.

dr Barbara Arska-Karyłowska

PhD - psychologist, child and adolescent psychotherapist. In 1992-2022 she has been a certified psychologist in the state of Florida (license number: PY 2664), and since 2006 she has had a European Psychotherapy Certificate. She has been working as a child psychotherapist for over 35 years. She has experience working both in the USA and in Poland. Applies behavioral and behavioral-cognitive approaches. She is interested in the psychopathology of children and adolescents with special emphasis on ADHD and anxiety disorders. At the University of Social Sciences and Humanities she conducted classes in the field of child psychopathology (diagnosis and impact). In her therapy work, she enjoys most the contact with children-patients in individual therapy, and as an academic lecturer she most values the need to constantly improve her skills. At ReGeneRacja Center: conducts individual psychotherapy and diagnose starting from children in preschool and older. Also runs counseling meetings for parents.

Katarzyna Brażyńska-Tatarowicz

Psychologist, psychotherapist working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. "I graduated Clinical Psychology from Wyższa Szkoła Psychologii Klinicznej and Law from University of Łódź. I have completed a 4-year psychotherapy training and 2-year couples and families therapy training at the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji, both recommended by the Polish Psychological Association. I have experience working with adults, young adults and teenagers." At ReGeneRacja Center: I work with adolescents and adults. I conduct individual, couples, and family therapy. I also run psychoeducational meetings for parents. I work in both Polish and English. Personal info: I am married and have two children.

dr Małgorzata Pięta-Lendzion

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at the Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Warsaw. I am working on a doctoral project in the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. In addition, I am going through a comprehensive psychotherapeutic training attested by the Psychotherapy Scientific Section and the Family Therapy Scientific Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association. I have gathered my clinical experience in such places as the Prophylaxis and Treatment Clinic at the Voivodeship Infectious Disease Hospital, the Hanna Segal Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies and the Clinic at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. I have experience in individual work with adults, children and young people and in work with psychotherapeutic groups. I am active in several research teams and I am the author and co-author of scientific articles on clinical psychology and health psychology.

Maria Zawadzka

Psychologist, psychotherapist working with adolescents and adults. "I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I finished Individual and Group Psychotherapy School at the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warsaw. I am a certified psychotherapist with the European Psychotherapy Association. I work with children and adults at the Psychological – Pedagogical Counseling Institution, where I support children, parents and teachers to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and each other. I work with them through their difficulties, support them, and give them a sense of security and satisfaction as they seek new paths. I also work with those whose families suffer from addiction issues. I worked in the Psychiatry Department at the “Children's Memorial Health Center” Institute, where I helped children and their parents as they managed through illness and disease. I also worked there with autistic children, I conducted psychotherapy for children and adolescents suffering from anxiety disorders and depression."

Rafał Zawadzki

Psychologist, psychotherapist working with adolescents and adults. "I received my Psychology degree from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. I finished Psychotherapy School at Laboratorium Psychoedukacji, Addiction Therapy School at the Institute of Health Psychology and the course of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy within ISTDP International. I am certified with the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy. I am a member of the Scientific Society of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy."